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Abigail Young

Abigal Young | Age 26 Baker / Cake Designer at Abigail’s – A Cake Affair   How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started in July of 2012 What made you want to stick with CrossFit? Seeing results in the mirror and having to buy new clothes is always a plus! Plus I feel […]

John Simpson

Meet John Simpson, our new featured athlete. There’s not a coach here that doesn’t look forward to John showing up in their class! His heart and passion, especially in the midst of adversary, is one that is unmatched. This is an athlete who will give it everything he’s got, every time! No matter what life […]

Stevie Miller

NAME: Stevie Miller AGE: 30 FITNESS ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st Place – IBP Powerlifting Nationals (Push/Pull) PERSONAL RECORDS: Deadlift: 525 lbs Bench: 325 lbs Squat: 455 lbs   What do you like most about CFC? CFC has changed my life in many ways.  It has changed the way I eat, workout, and the way I live my […]

Jim Demay

Meet our new featured athlete, Jim Demay! Ladies, more than likely you all know him because at one point or another Jim has probably helped you de-weight at the end of a workout. Hope your mom sees this Jim, because I’m sure you make her one proud Momma! Along with being a perfect gentlemen, Jim […]

Darin Anderson

Congratulations to Darin Anderson for snagging the role as our new featured athlete! Darin is like the quiet stealth ninja in the class. He has come so far since his first day with us in CrossFit. Honestly, he has creeped up on all of us with his improvements! We have had the joy and pleasure […]

David Klein

How long have you been training at CFC? I have been training at CFC for 2 ½ years. What motivated you to do CrossFit with us? I was bored with the same old workouts I had been doing for 40 years.  I wanted something that would challenge me and push me to my limits. What’s […]

Christy Wilhelm

ATTORNEY A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, this picture pretty much sums up our CFC “Tres Amigos”. The lovely lady in this picture is Christy Wilhelm, who is our new featured athlete. To earn this spot, she has really worked her tail off (literally)! Christy has lost 50# since she has been […]